Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Hitler's Rise to Power?
How Much Do You Know about Hitler's Rise to Power?
By: John Miller
Image: Georg Pahl

About This Quiz

Now remembered as a maniacal dictator who led his country into some of the most shameful events in human history, Hitler started out as a much more average man. He served his country in war but then didn’t know what to do with himself. And then one day he encountered a group of political extremists … and their ideas made perfect sense to him. The young Adolf took those views and ran with them, using his distinctive and powerful speaking style to attract attention from other Germans. What do you really know about Hitler’s inevitable rise to power before the Second World War?

Hitler was always kind of an odd duck. While other soldiers traded dirty jokes, he kept it clean. He preferred discipline and tidiness and eschewed dirty jokes for lofty talk about politics and ideas. Do you recall any of the details of Hitler’s life as a young adult?

After WWI, Hitler witnessed Germany’s slow, steady decline into poverty and humiliation, and he regarded it as a supreme injustice. With fanatical dedication, he swore to help his nation regain its status and power.

In a time of extreme turmoil, his racist rhetoric and violent overtones made sense to Germany’s citizens. Dodge the SS troops in this Third Reich quiz and we’ll find out how much you really know about Hitler’s rise to power!

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