Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Hockey's All-Time Stats Leaders?
How Much Do You Know About Hockey's All-Time Stats Leaders?
By: J.P. Naomi
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About This Quiz

Can you take the biscuit coast to coast and light the lamp with this quiz?! It's time to see how much you know about the greatest players ever to hit the ice in the National Hockey League!

Whether active or retired, coach or player, regular season or playoffs, this quiz reflects on all kinds of NHL records. And only the biggest fans will know the answers! We’re talking serious stats. The kind of stats the commentators break out in the middle of a broadcast. The ones that make you shake your head in amazement and the ones that remind you of the good ol’ days! You see, the NHL doesn’t just keep records of the most number of goals. Nope! They go even further… short-handed goals, powerplay goals, game-winning goals, and overtime goals! And the records don’t stop there. The NHL even keeps player statistics on the not-so-favorable moments such as minutes spent in the penalty box! While you wouldn’t necessarily want to be remembered for your time OFF the ice, at least you’d be remembered as a fierce competitor, right?

So, how fierce are you? Think you have what it takes to name these all-time leading skaters, goaltenders and coaches? How about the teams they played for? Don’t be a sieve, make your way to the barn and take this quiz now!

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