Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Hot Rods?
How Much Do You Know About Hot Rods?
By: John Miller
Image: A.TWorldChannel

About This Quiz

The first automobiles bounced along American streets in the early 1900s, offering millions of people a glimpse of the motorized world to come. Immediately, speed freaks wanted more from their little engines, tweaking the motors and altering the cars in countless ways, all in an effort to make them faster. What do you really know about hot rods?

Within a few years, truly ambitious drivers were modifying their basic Model Ts in ways Henry Ford never could have imagined. They chopped off parts of the cars that they deemed unnecessary, hoping to make them lighter. Then, they dug into the engines too, altering timing, changing the cams, and even tweaking fuel mixtures. Do you know how the most devoted drivers managed to make their cars faster than before?

Hot rod culture began to blossom in the 1920s, particularly on the West Coast, where young folks zipped around looking for trouble. Often, trouble is exactly what they found. Occasional catastrophic car wrecks made headlines, and hot rodders became associated with ne’er-do-wells. What do you recall about hot rod’s reputation in pop culture?

And then, of course, there are the cars – the neck-snapping monsters streaking from red light to red light. Rev the engine and take this hot rod quiz now! We’ll find out if you’re a drag racer for the ages, or if your street nemesis will take your pink slip before you even hit the gas.

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