Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Life in Medieval Europe?
How Much Do You Know about Life in Medieval Europe?
By: John Miller
Image: Ryan Reeves

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Around the 5th century, things changed in a hurry in Europe. After centuries of domination, one political power crumbled to dust, and societies all over the continent began reshaping themselves. Kings and queens took thrones and captured new lands, and they built empires of their own. Common people worked in the fields or learned a trade in order to put food on the table. In this history quiz, we want to see what you really know about life in Medieval Europe.

Medieval Europe took place during what some people call the Middle Ages. But many historians don’t like the term “Middle Ages” because it somehow implies that nothing really happened in these centuries. Nothing could be further from the truth. Cities rose and fell, kingdoms warred, and a great sickness fell upon the land. The Middle Ages were packed with memorable events. Do you recall any of them?

Many movies portray Medieval Europe as a fine time, when kings and knights and peasants all carried on in a structured system that made for a good quality of life. That was not always the case. Peasants were nearly slaves, knights were forced to fight battles they didn’t believe in, and kings found themselves set upon by rivals on all sides. What was society really like back then?

Pull on your wool tunic and notch your arrows — do battle with this difficult Medieval Europe quiz. Maybe you’ll understand what life was like in the Middle Ages, or maybe you’ll drink bad water and be done for!

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