Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Major Military Alliances?
How Much Do You Know about Major Military Alliances?
By: John Miller
Image: wikipedia

About This Quiz

Alliances matter -- just ask Europe. When diplomacy fails and commanders bring arms to bear, sometimes countries only survive because of their clever military alliances. Whether you call them treaties, pacts, or agreements, military alliances take on many forms, but they all rely on the buddy system – if someone attacks you, your friends will come to your aid. What do you really know about the vital alliances in this quiz?

Anyone who took basic history classes can name the two primary combatants of the Second World War. One side featured countries aligned with fascist and imperialistic goals, while the other squared off for freedom and liberty. Do you recall much about the alliances of WWII?

Fewer people remember the circumstances of the First World War. This conflict found some major nations battling to the death. Do you know the allies and foes of WWI?

Emperor Napoleon ran wild in Europe in the early 1800s … until he was met with the combined force of European countries. Their additive power finally put an end to French dominance.

Wield the power of partnership in this military alliances quiz! Perhaps your army’s fates will rest with your friendships!

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