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Makeup and its techniques are only evolving as the world progresses, and why shouldn't it? We've gone from a simply drawn thin eyebrow of the 20s to strobing and from a simple dab of rouge to contouring the entire face, neck and collarbone. 

And while there's nothing wrong with evolution, it can be hard to keep up with everything that's going on in 2018. From Kim Kardashian's contour sticks to Rihanna's body lava, there's just so much that we need to know these days. So we want to test whether you've been keeping up with the times or if the beauty train left you at the stop. 

Do you know which color eyeshadow goes the best with blue eyes? Do you know what kind of foundation is the best for each type of skin? Do you know the names of the makeup brands that have come to be known as drugstore makeup? And do you know exactly where you should apply your blush? 

If you think you know how to answer these questions, then go ahead and start our quiz. We'll truly know if you've got what it takes to be a beauty influencer by the end, or if you should stick to watching YouTube tutorials.

Which of these is used to define lashes?

Mascara can be used to define, lengthen, darken and curl lashes. It all depends on the formula of the specific product.


What do people use to apply foundation?

Different things work for different people when it comes to makeup. There are numerous ways to apply makeup, and many people use some combination of these tools.


Which of these makeup brands is most expensive?

MAC makeup is amongst the classic high-end makeup. It's been used by celebrities and makeup lovers for years and years.


Nude lipsticks are _______toned.

Nude lipsticks run the range of believable lip and flesh tones. These run from the palest porcelain to deeper tones.


The same techniques work for everyone: true or false?

Everyone's face shape and skin tone are different, meaning that the same routine will not work for everyone. Experimenting to figure out what you like best and not just copying trends is key.


Vegan makeup contains no ________.

Vegan products are not tested on animals and do not contain any animal products. Regular makeup is often both.


Almost all actors wear makeup: true or false?

While makeup is considered a traditionally feminine thing, almost everyone you see on TV or in movies is wearing heavy makeup. This includes men, women and children.


Which of these eyeshadow colors is the classic go-to for blue eyes?

Brown neutral tones compliment those baby blues. They make them stand out and truly sparkle.


Which of these is a texture for lip products?

Lip products come in a range of textures to suit different needs and looks. Glosses are often high shine and make lips look bigger, while many mattes are longer wearing and on trend.


Matte makeup does not have what?

Matte colors are flat and completely not shiny. They don't give any dew or shine to the skin.


Which typically lasts longer?

Liquid lipsticks often have a long wearing matte formula that dries down completely. Many of these can only be removed with oil.


You can change your face shape using highlight and ________.

Highlight and contour use skin tone shades to trick the eye and add dimension to the face. Highlight brightens areas to make them appear closer, while contour does the opposite.


Which of these types of foundation is often best for severely dry skin?

Dry skin can often have dry patches, which can be emphasized by overly matte foundations. Dewy or radiant foundations will suit this skin type best.


What can you mix into your foundation for a radiant glowly look?

While dewy foundation provides a natural glow, a radiant finish is truly bold. This can be achieved when a liquid illuminator is mixed into foundation.


Which of these makeup steps should be last?

Setting spray can help your makeup last and look flawlessly skin like. It can also add a matte or dewy finish.


Ultra matte makeup is best for:

Ultra matte makeup has no shine at all, which is ideal for photoshoots when you want no extra glare or shine on the skin. Depending on your skin type, this editorial look may be cakey and unnatural in real life.


Which of these can be used to highlight?

Depending on the shade of concealer, it can be taken to areas you want to highlight. This can be the bridge of the nose, forehead and cheekbones, depending on your face shape.


When putting on makeup, which of these should go on first?

Primer helps create a layer for makeup to blend over and cling to. It can make your makeup last longer and look better.


Liquid lipsticks can often ________ lips.

Due to the long wearing matte formula of many liquid lipsticks, they can often dry out lips. If you are a liquid lipstick lover, it is important to give your lips lots of TLC with balms and exfoliation.


Does mascara go bad?

Mascara goes bad every few months and even if it has not visibly dried out it should be replaced. Bacteria which can lead to eye infections can build up in old eye makeup.


What type of brow is currently on trend?

Full and thick brows are currently in style. This is a drastic change from the 90s and early 2000s, when super thin brows were all the rage.


Which fashion icon has a controversial makeup brand?

Kylie Jenner's lip kits have come under fire for their broken wands, incorrect orders and uneven quality. Despite this, they sell out almost the second they are available.


Which of these brands is available at the drug store?

Covergirl is one of the biggest brands of drug store makeup out there. It is an affordable and fresh brand with many options.


Who do historians think were amongst the first to wear makeup?

Ancient Egyptians loved makeup. Both men and women wore it, partially to protect them from the sun.


Why do many people do their eye makeup before their full face?

Heavy eye makeup can often lead to eyeshadow falling onto the face or need some touching up. If you do it after your full face, this can potentially ruin your foundation or contour.


Which of these makeup choices can age you?

Cakey overdone makeup does not look good and can even age you. Our eyebrows also often thin as we age, meaning that overplucking can add years onto your face.


Where does blush go?

For everyday natural looks, blush goes on the cheeks. It can help give the skin a healthy and youthful flush.


Which of these brands is a luxury brand?

Peter Thomas Roth's brand is high end and can be incredibly expensive. It offers a face mask with 24-karat gold as an ingredient.


Which of these things have women historically used as makeup?

Throughout history, numerous strange and often toxic things have been used as makeup. This includes metals like lead, blood and even urine. Women would even use leeches to try and get a fashionably pale appearance.


Makeup has been used throughout history as a symbol of ___________.

Throughout many societies, such as the ancient Chinese and Europeans, cosmetics were a symbol of class. Chinese people could only paint their nails certain colors based on their class using a primitive stain.


Which of these makes lips look fuller?

Gloss is often shimmery, glittery or reflective. This attracts light and makes lips appear fuller.


Traditional lipstick is packaged in a:

The classic lipstick that has been around for decades is packaged in the iconic bullet. This has changed recently, with packaging varying.


Brown lipstick was popular today and during the ________.

Many trends of the 1990s are currently back. This includes grunge, alternative fashion and brown lipstick.


Which of these is not an eyeliner technique?

The classic cat eye has been trendy lately, while graphic liner includes anything bold and unique. Tight-lining is when the waterline of the eyelid is lined.


Victorian society ________ makeup.

Queen Victoria declared that makeup was improper and only appropriate for actors. Women who wore makeup were looked down upon.


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