Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Military Medics in WWII?
How Much Do You Know About Military Medics in WWII?
By: John Miller

About This Quiz

In the First World War, combat medicine was still fairly primitive. On battlefields, litter bearers simply picked up wounded men and ran them back to first aid stations in hopes of keeping them alive. In World War II, however, the paradigm shifted a bit – actual medics raced around on the front lines, dodging bullets and attending to the wounded on the spot. Their skills were often the difference between life and death. In this blood-soaked quiz, what do you really know about WWII combat medics?

Millions of United States soldiers saw combat in the Second World War. And millions of them were wounded by bullets and bombs. Without fast treatment, many of those men were doomed to die – but quick work by medics made it much more likely that the wounded would live to fight another day. Do you know how medics affected the survival rates of American troops during the conflict?

Medics weren’t always respected by the other men. Some saw them as cowards – others figured they were simply incapable of combat. But medics received much of the same training as regular troops, and they were exposed to the same hazards, too. In many cases, they were even intentionally targeted by the enemy. What do you know about the dangers that medics faced in WWII?

By the end of the four-year war, American officials fully understood just how valuable medics were to the war effort. They were “force multipliers” who encouraged soldiers to take more combat risks, because they knew that help was never too far away. 

Plunge into the bloody fray of this WWII combat medic quiz! Maybe you’ll survive the Axis onslaught – or perhaps you’ll be wounded by this impossibly hazardous battlefield test!

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