Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Military Tactics of World War II?
How Much Do You Know About Military Tactics of World War II?
By: Annette
Image: USGov-Military-Army

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It was the war that changed it all, but how much do you know about the military tactics that were used? Some were common practice, and some were revolutionary. Let's explore how much you know!

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More than anything, the topography of WWII battlefields required ________.
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When facing enemy anti-tank guns, who went in first?
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Basic infantry assault doctrine was initially based on ______.
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What does "blitzkrieg" mean?
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Blitzkrieg is designed for ____ military campaigns.
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Rifle squads were composed of how many men?
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Who proposed "armor above all"?
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True or False: General Patton was against a swift armored thrust.
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In rugged terrain, it was _____ for the squad leader to control fire.
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Most sizable infantry formations had what?
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It was common for tanks to advance _____.
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During the war, _____ became more important than ever.
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General Patton's Third Army favored what sort of advance?
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Along Patton's skirmish line, you'd find tanks and men with _______.
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Marching fire involved which of these?
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Where was the blitzkrieg first attempted?
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Who used the blitzkrieg during the North African campaign of the war?
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General Patton was said to understand the difference between haste and ______.
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Who used "reconnaissance by fire"?
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Patton proposed _____ to blind the enemy OPs.
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Who said, "We must take great and calculated risks in the use of armor, but we must not dive off the deep end without first determining whether the swimming pool is full of water."
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Blitzkrieg was made possible by the use of what?
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True of False: The term blitzkrieg was used in German military manuals and handbooks.
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In what year did the German army crush the combined forces of four nations?
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What technology advanced the fastest during WWII?
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What WWI planes played an important role in WWII?
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True or False: There was no cavalry in WWII.
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What percentage of the Wehrmacht was horse-drawn?
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How many homing pigeons did Britain use in WWII?
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WWI is associated with ____ warfare.
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Who employed flooding as a tactic in WWII?
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The challenge that the war prosed led to the formation of the ______.
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During the war, Japan toyed with what type of warfare?
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The American approach to the war focused on ________.
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At the start of the war, American weapons and concepts were ______.
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