Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Motor Oil?
How Much Do You Know About Motor Oil?
By: Annette
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Motor oil keeps everything running smoothly in your vehicle, but do you really know all the different kinds and which one is best for your situation? When it comes to your sweet ride, not just any motor oil will do. Let's explore.

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Is motor oil just engine oil?
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Does engine oil increase performance?
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Do motor oils have different ratings and components?
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How many types of motor oil are there?
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Which puts more stress on your vehicle?
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Does dark oil mean it's time for a change?
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You should gauge when it's time to change your oil by which of these?
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Service intervals can be determined by which of these?
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When changing oil, it's a smart time to pay attention to what else?
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The more frequently you change your oil, the better.
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Non-synthetic oils should be changed about every ____ miles.
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Changing oil at home is _____.
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Is topping-off fluids in your vehicle easy to do at home?
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As vehicle engines have changed, motor oil has ______.
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Do modern oils contain additives?
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Changing intervals for modern oil are _______ in the past.
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What is the bane of your motor oil's existence?
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Modern detergent oils _____ contaminant particles.
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Most contaminants in your engine come from the _____ stage.
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Do synthetic oils prevent contaminants?
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If you have sludge, should you dislodge it at home?
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One precise way of gauging the need for an oil change is _____.
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The automotive industry tells us to change oil ______ than is necessary.
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People who enjoy changing oil are called what?
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Modern oils naturally do what?
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How do you keep gunk from depositing​ in your oil pan?
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In other countries, the recommended change interval is ______ than in the U.S.
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Do cars in dustier areas have dirtier oil?
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A car in a stressful environment falls into the ________ category.
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U.S. and Canadian fuel have higher levels of what?
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Synthetic oils withstand _____ temperatures.
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The filter should be changed how often?
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Professional oil changes take less than ______.
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Always insist on the type of oil that is ______.
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