Quiz: How much do you know about movie star nicknames?
How much do you know about movie star nicknames?
By: John Miller
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Movie stars are known for their on-screen presence and off-screen exploits. In the process of living bigger-than-life lifestyles, they earn alternate monikers. How much do you know about these movie star nicknames?

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Which huge male star was often called The Governator?
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Which muscle-bound celebrity is known simply as The Rock?
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Angelina Jolie was one half of the star couple nicknamed Brangelina. Who was her partner?
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Which major film star is often simply called J.Lo?
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Which star sometimes goes by just Nick?
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What is Sylvester Stallone's most common nickname?
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Which Hollywood actor is known as just D?
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What was Western star John Wayne's nickname?
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Which Hollywood star is often called the Divine Miss M?
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Why was tough guy Bruce Willis nicknamed Buck-Buck as a child?
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Which actress was called Blonde Bombshell?
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Meryl Streep is one of Hollywood's best actresses. What's her nickname?
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What is Tom Cruise's primary nickname?
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What was Katharine Hepburn's nickname?
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Which actress was famously known as the Pin-Up Girl?
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When Ben Affleck was dating Jennifer Lopez, what was his nickname?
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What is Brad Pitt's common nickname?
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In the 1930s, Clark Gable was one of the biggest people in movies. What was his nickname?
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Thanks to a prominent part of her anatomy, which actress was called Sweater Girl?
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How did Keanu Reeves earn one nickname, The Wall?
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Which Hollywood bigwig is sometimes called Mr. Stench?
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Which movie star was sometimes called Mr. Mumbles?
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Tom Cruise was one half of the star couple called TomKat. Who was his partner?
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Which whimsical star is often called Johnny?
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Leonardo DiCaprio obviously goes by Leo. But what other nickname does he have?
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What is Harrison Ford's common nickname?
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