Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Napoleon Bonaparte?
How Much Do You Know About Napoleon Bonaparte?
By: John Miller
Image: Jacques-Louis David

About This Quiz

He was often called the “Little Corporal” in his startling rise to military power at the end of the 18th century. Then he became a god of war, gathering political power and military might seemingly at will. He was Napoleon Bonaparte, a French hero for the ages. But what do you really know about this often misunderstood general?

The map of Europe looked very different in the late 1700s. And as Napoleon seized power in his home country, he set out to take more and more territory for himself. As a result, he made enemies of countries like Britain and Prussia and Austria — and they decided to fight back. What do you know about the wars that consumed Europe during Napoleon’s reign?

Early in his career, Napoleon gained a reputation as a fearless leader who created amazing battlefield strategies. He consistently defeated other armies, earning respect even from generals who had fought many wars. What do you know about the biggest battles of Napoleon’s life and how they affected his country?

In the end, Napoleon’s power began slipping, in large part because of the vast forces gathered against him. France was in for a titanic showdown with its mortal enemies. What do you know about the fateful events that found Europe throwing hundreds of thousands of men into bloody combat?

Take this deadly Napoleon quiz now! We’ll find out if you can outmanuever one of the craftiest military men of all time!

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