Quiz: How much do you know about New England History?
How much do you know about New England History?
By: Isadora Teich
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The New England region of America is known for its seafood, quaint seaside towns, lighthouses and rich history. Test your knowledge of this slice of America with this HowStuffWorks quiz!

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New England is the __________ region of the U.S.
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Puritans from which country were the first to arrive in New England and set up permanent settlements?
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New England played a ______ role in the American Revolution.
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When did English Pilgrims arrive in New England?
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Who lived in New England before Europeans?
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What killed the majority of Native Americans in New England?
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Which diseases did Europeans give to Native Americans?
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The ship the pilgrims arrived on was named the Mayflower, true or false?
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In the early stages of English colonization, settlers and natives had a ______ relationship.
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When was the city of Boston established?
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Who founded the Massachusettes Bay Colony?
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The Massachusetts Bay Colony started with 400 settlers in 1628 and had ________ by 1640.
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Where did those banished by the Puritans go?
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What was New York called before it was New York?
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Around the time of the American Revolution, how many New Englanders were there?
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The New England colonies were originally settled mostly by:
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Which of these things were important to New England's economy?
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Did women work in colonial New England?
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The first public school and oldest school in America opened in:
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New England was a pioneer in:
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Which famous New England college was founded first?
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Were women ever educated in New England?
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Colonial women were often taught to read but not to:
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The main problem the colonists had with Great Britain revolved around:
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New Englanders protested tea taxes during the _________ Tea Party.
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New England was anti-slavery: True or false?
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Maine was originally a part of which state?
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Which of these states has never been considered a part of New England?
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The literacy rate was higher in New England than the South: True or false?
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New England was an early foothold for the _________ Revolution.
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Which group of people immigrated to New England due to famine?
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Why did many French-Canadians immigrate to the US between 1850-1900?
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When did New England's strong factory economy disappear?
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How many U.S. presidents have been born in New England?
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Which of these famous writers is a New Englander?
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