Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Operation Desert Storm?
How Much Do You Know About Operation Desert Storm?
By: John Miller
Image: wikimedia

About This Quiz

In August 1990, the dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, ordered his army to enter into Kuwait and started the United States’ first major foreign crisis after the Cold War. This posed a threat to Saudi Arabia as it could lead to Iraq’s control of one-fifth of global oil supply. 

More than 500,000 American troops were deployed across Saudi Arabia as the United States joined the defense in ‘Operation Desert Shield,’ with the support of the United Nations who denounced Iraq and helped form a coalition.

With everything finalized, the United States presented Saddam Hussein with an ultimatum to depart Kuwait by January 15, 1991, or be attacked by the multinational force. However, no response was received by the date demanded which led to the change to ‘Operation Desert Storm.’ 

The ground war commenced on February 24, and 100 hours later Kuwait was declared liberated by American troops. Despite the completion of the military objectives, Kuwait lost millions of dollars worth of valuables, environmental damage grew, and hundreds of thousands died, but the notorious Saddam Hussein remained in control of Iraq.

The test was passed, the possibility for multinational cooperation was confirmed - but the fat lady did not sing. President Bush soon announced the commencement of the new world order. How much do you know about what else happened during ODS? Can you pass our quiz?

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