Quiz: How much do you know about Overboard, the Goldie Hawn classic?
How much do you know about Overboard, the Goldie Hawn classic?
By: Staff Writer
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About This Quiz

No certified rom-com lover is worthy of their cinematic card if they don't know the '80s movie Overboard. Do you? Test your knowledge with our quiz, then!

Ah, yes, the romantic comedy or the rom-com as people tend to shortcut it nowadays. It's one of the most popular and universal genres the world over since it carries lighthearted themes with a mix of dramatic flair here and there. Rom-coms have been in Hollywood ever since Tinseltown was born. And why not? Falling in love, being in love, falling out of love, and laughing about all of these lovelorn stages is as human as breathing through your nose. It's a genre that has the usual elements: two people falling for each other, a circumstance or two that blocks their being together, and everything else in between and around them. But over the decades, each generation of filmmakers and actors give their own flavor and create their own branding of the rom-coms they find themselves making.

It's the same thing with the film Overboard. Released back in 1987, the movie was helmed by a late director of great Hollywood rom-coms. Guess who he is by answering the quiz question about him! But what we'll give you is this, though: Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn work their '80s charm in this film. The real-life and reel-life couple seemed like they had much fun shooting this one. Even if the film got mixed reviews, it's still a good film to see their chemistry.

So have we jogged your memory enough to take this quiz? Hey, don't go overboard, and just enjoy the quiz ride!

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