Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Pearl Harbor History?
How Much Do You Know About Pearl Harbor History?
By: Allie T.
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About This Quiz

Bombs, thousands of deaths, and another World War; the attack on Pearl Harbor was one of the most terrorizing events in the history of the United States. How much do you know about the attack, though? 

When bombs were dropped on Pearl Harbor, the United States was forced into another war that many people around the country desperately wanted to stay out of. After all, American foreign policy to that point had been one of isolationism, deciding to focus on American interest in the Western Hemisphere instead of conflicts across the ocean. 

With such an attack, however, a response was not only needed but required, and only a day after the attack, the United States would be launched headfirst into another global conflict with serious ramifications for every country involved. 

Do the events of World War II interest you? What about the attack that forced the United States to join? Can you remember all of the vital details that only a true historian would know? If so, then you should test your knowledge with this quiz!

This quiz isn't for anyone, however, and you'd better be ready for the challenge before you begin. If you think you're ready, though, take this quiz and prove it! 

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