How Much Do You Know About Princess Diana?


What year did Diana die?

Lady Di died in 1997. Her tragic death took place when she was being chased by paparazzi in Paris.

Diana's maternal grandmother. . . ?

Diana's maternal grandmother, Lady Fermoy, was the lady in waiting to the Queen Mother. That would be Charles' grandmother.

Diana's wedding was described as . . . ?

Diana's wedding was described as a fairytale wedding. 600,000 people lined the streets to try and catch a glimpse.

Diana said, “_______ does not make people dangerous to know. You can shake their hands and give them a hug. Heaven knows they need it.”

Diana said this famous quote about HIV in the 1980s. At the time, the disease was still incredibly taboo.

Where was Diana born?

Diana was born in Norfolk, England. Her date of birth was July 1, 1961.

How long was the train of Diana's wedding gown?

Diana had a gown with a 25-foot train! The dress was said to cost almost $12,000.

How old was Diana when she died?

Hard to believe, but Diana was at the tender age of 36 when she died. Imagine how much she accomplished in such a short time.

Diana was often described as. . . ?

Diana was described as the world's most photographed woman. Considering her beauty, it's not surprising.

How many charities did Diana support?

Diana actually supported over 100 charities! One of the most famous was the Campaign to Ban Landmines.

What model did Diana invite to Buckingham Palace?

Diana invited the American model to Buckingham palace because William had a crush on her! In the end, Kate Middleton was a better choice.

Which of these was a close friend to Diana?

All of these counted themselves friends of Diana. Versace had an incredibly tragic death, as well. Elton sang at Diana's funeral.

The great love of Di's life was. . . ?

Khan was by far the greatest love of Diana's life. He was a surgeon, and it's said that a new film is coming out where he tells their love story

What was the age difference between Diana and Charles?

Charles was almost 13 years older than Diana. This age difference added to their lack of compatibility.

Who did Charles have his eye on during the marriage?

It was quite apparent during the marriage that Charles was in love with Camilla. Today they are married, and she's the Duchess of Cornwall.

How much did Diana get in the divorce settlement?

Diana received about $22 million, plus a little over $525,000 per year. This came with a confidentiality agreement so that neither party could discuss the marriage in public.

Henri Paul, the one driving Diana's fated car in France, was _____?

The security manager proved to not be very secure. It was discovered that he was intoxicated at the time of the crash.

Who announced that the crash of Diana's car was planned?

Mohamad, father to Dodi, was the one that said the crash was planned. He blamed MI6 and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Diana's engagement ring now resides where?

Diana's exceptional engagement ring, which cost almost $40,000 at the time, now sits on Kate's finger. It's a stunner of diamonds set around sapphire.

How many people watched Diana's funeral?

An astronomical 2.5 billion people watched Diana's funeral worldwide. There were 750 million that watched her wedding.

What was Diana's middle name?

She was born Diana Frances Spencer. She was the daughter of an earl.

What are the names of Diana's children?

Good British names, I dare say. William and Henry, called Harry, are the names of Diana's sons.

How many siblings did Diana have?

Diana was the fourth of five children. The Spencer family was quite close to the royal family and had been for generations.

Who was Diana close friends with in school?

Diana and Tilda went to the same girl's school together. Apparently, they were very good friends.

How was Diana with academics?

Apparently, Diana was not very good with academics. She failed her O-levels on two occasions.

What instrument did Diana play?

Diana was an accomplished pianist. She also excelled at swimming, diving and dance.

What low-paying job did Diana once have?

Diana took a job as a dance instructor for youth. There was a series of other low-paying jobs as well.

When did Diana meet Charles?

Diana first met Charles when he was dating her sister, Lady Sarah. This was back in 1977.

When did serious courting​ begin between Diana and Charles?

Charles took a serious interest in Diana in 1980. That was the year she was invited to Balmoral to meet the royal family.

Where did Diana have her engagement ring made?

The famous ring was made by the Crown jeweler, Gerrard. For its time, the ring was actually not considered very unique.

How old was Diana when she wed?

Diana was at the tender age of 20 when she married Charles. This was in the year 1981.

What slip-up did Diana make at the wedding?

She called him Philip Charles, instead of Charles Philip. It seems understandable, considering his name is Charles Philip Arthur George.

When it came to raising her children, Diana was . . . ?

Diana was non-traditional when it came to raising her boys. She selected their clothes, nannies and schedules. Often, this would be done by someone else.

How often was Diana on the cover of People magazine?

Diana was actually on the cover of People magazine over 50 times. She was also on the cover of Time magazine eight times.

As a child, Diana's family home was . . . ?

The Spencers' Sandringham estate was owned by Queen Elizabeth II. The Spencers and the royals had a tight relationship.

Why was she called Lady Diana as a young girl?

After her father became an earl in 1975, Diana was known as Lady Diana. This is custom for the daughter of someone with a title.

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