Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Princess Diana?
How Much Do You Know About Princess Diana?
By: Anne
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She was the princess that won the hearts of the world! Diana Spencer lived a normal life until she was plucked from her reality and made a princess. But life with the royal family was not always what it seemed, and Diana's life ended in tragedy. In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of the beloved Princess Di.

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What year did Diana die?
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Diana's wedding was described as . . . ?
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Diana said, “_______ does not make people dangerous to know. You can shake their hands and give them a hug. Heaven knows they need it.”
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Where was Diana born?
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How long was the train of Diana's wedding gown?
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How old was Diana when she died?
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How many charities did Diana support?
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What model did Diana invite to Buckingham Palace?
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Which of these was a close friend to Diana?
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The great love of Di's life was. . . ?
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What was the age difference between Diana and Charles?
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Who did Charles have his eye on during the marriage?
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How much did Diana get in the divorce settlement?
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Henri Paul, the one driving Diana's fated car in France, was _____?
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Who announced that the crash of Diana's car was planned?
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Diana's engagement ring now resides where?
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How many people watched Diana's funeral?
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What was Diana's middle name?
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What are the names of Diana's children?
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How many siblings did Diana have?
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Who was Diana close friends with in school?
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What instrument did Diana play?
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What low-paying job did Diana once have?
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When did serious courting​ begin between Diana and Charles?
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Where did Diana have her engagement ring made?
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How old was Diana when she wed?
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When it came to raising her children, Diana was . . . ?
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How often was Diana on the cover of People magazine?
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As a child, Diana's family home was . . . ?
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