Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Professional Bull Riding?
How Much Do You Know About Professional Bull Riding?
By: Torrance Grey
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Branded as the most dangerous eight seconds in sports, American bull riding consists of riding a bucking bull with one hand for eight seconds and not touching the beast or self with the free hand. 

Within the bull riding circuit four judges are used, two of which judge the rider out of 25 each and the other two judge the bull. Out of 100 points, most riders score between 70 -80 points. Outside the U.S various rules and guidelines govern professional bull riding as is the case with Argentina, Mexico, Canada, and New Zealand.

It takes quite a lot of equipment to ensure that this dangerous sport is performed safely (to both the riders and the animals), and even then it's not a guarantee. Professional bull riding takes place in an arena; the area must be a large open space with fencing from six to seven feet high and it must be suited with exits to allow the rider a way to get out quickly. 

Riders typically wear chaps that protect their legs and thighs and gloves, usually made of leather, to keep from getting rope burn. But how much do you really know about the sport? Will you set a record or end up with a chafed butt? Let's find out.

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What larger exhibition sport is bull riding part of?
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How long is a successful ride?
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Which of these is a professional bull riding organization?
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The confining space in which the rider mounts the bull is called the _____.
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How long does the rider have to get settled on the bull before the ride begins?
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True or false: Do some bull riders wear helmets?
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Which of these is sometimes used to get the steer to charge into the ring?
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How much tougher is a bull's hide than human skin?
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The brave soul who distracts the bull after the rider is off is called a ________.
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True or false: Is the bull also scored in bull riding?
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What does a rider hang on to during the ride?
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The spiked "wheels" on a rider's boots are called _______.
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What are the protective leggings riders wear called?
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The Championship Bull Riding professional series is called the Road to ______ Tour.
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Which network broadcasts the "Road to Cheyenne" tour?
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One of the most famous bullriding events is at the Calgary ______.
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What is a castrated bull called?
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What's the name of the equestrain sport that is most similar to bull riding?
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Which of these was a famous bull rider?
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In which state is the Professional Bull Riders association headquartered?
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Which of these is an excellent score for a ride?
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The ______ brothers of Canada had a large influence on bull riding.
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Where is the Bull Riding Hall of Fame located?
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In which of these countries is bull riding NOT popular?
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Behind the United States, which nation claims the most PBR World Champions?
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Which of these groups does not participate in bull riding?
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Bull riding has drawn fire from _________ groups.
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