Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Queen Elizabeth II?
How Much Do You Know About Queen Elizabeth II?
By: Mark Laufgraben
Image: Youtbe

About This Quiz

Queen Elizabeth II is a living legend. Rising to public attention during the Second World War, she has stood as a heroic symbol of the people of Great Britain - and all members of the Commonwealth. She has been a voice of measured wisdom, a rock of stability and the very model of British royalty from the moment she glided elegantly onto the global stage. She has weathered storms of Republicanism questioning the worth of royalty, seen the fall of Evil Empires and visited places a world apart from the humble island from which she sprang. 

There are few Britons alive that can remember a world without her, and she has never for an instant shirked her duty in providing a role model to rally around, a picture of what it is to be British in a tumultuous, ever-changing world. And even as so much does change, she remains, a living link between the old world and the new, a living and breathing portrait of an Empire that is so, so different now from what it was in her youth, and yet is still so very familiar.

How much do you know about the queen? Do you know the duties she has undertaken for the crown she wears, the details of her day to day life, her relationships with the tumultuous royal family? Now is the time: Prove your knowledge with our own royal quiz!

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