Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Queen Victoria?
How Much Do You Know About Queen Victoria?
By: John Miller
Image: Henry Pierce Bone

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She was so influential that she had an entire era named after her. She was Queen Victoria, one of the most famous monarchs ever to ascend to the throne in the Western world. For decades, her powers waxed and waned as she maneuvered for political gain, public support and the expansion of her empire. In this diamond- and emerald-studded quiz, what do you really know about the woman who made her legacy as Queen Victoria?

As queens go, Victoria is actually a pretty recent one. We have many photographs of her 19th-century reign, which is the second-longest in English history. She oversaw a dynamic period of European history, one in which a powerful monarch slowly gave way to more democratic institutions. What do you recall about the political transformations that happened during this queen’s long life?

Stifled as a child, lonely as a young adult, the blossoming young woman despised many aspects of her royal upbringing. Still, she rarely lashed out. Instead, she dedicated her will toward positive goals, and as a result, her ascension to the throne found her many fans in her nation. What do you know about the queen’s legacy?

After a long and eventful reign – one that included one assassination attempt after another – the queen’s domination ended. Don the crown in this amazing Queen Victoria quiz!

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