Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Rick and Morty?
How Much Do You Know About Rick and Morty?
By: Torrance Grey
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

This animated sci-fi sitcom follows the misadventures of Morty Smith and Rick Sanchez through their household life and within their interdimensional exploits. Produced by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, this series was created for Cartoon Network’s late-night block called Adult Swim. 

Morty is the easily influenced grandson of eccentric, alcoholic and mad scientist Rick, who lives as a guest in his son’s house. Morty’s parents are Jerry and Beth, and his older sister is Summer. Infinite possibilities and realities exist when Rick and Morty venture to new dimensions, sometimes using Rick’s flying car or going through portals

The series has won several awards from various guilds for best-animated series and best comedy series. "Rick and Morty" aim to balance science fiction with everyday domestic life while facing both traditional and unconventional scenarios. With 31 episodes thus far, Rick and Morty show no sign of slowing down. The shows premise delves into such topics as anarchism, existentialism, and absurdism, with its characters realizing that nothing matters yet they still choose to live a life promoting science or indulging in unenlightened bliss. 

As fans await the 4th season of the show, we're testing your knowledge on all things Rick and Morty. Have you been paying enough attention to pass this quiz? Let's find out.

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