Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Royal Etiquette?
How Much Do You Know About Royal Etiquette?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: TheTalko

About This Quiz

Think you are posh enough to conduct yourself like a royal? Even if you have seen "The Princess Diaries" a dozen times, that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many rules that royals have to juggle with grace while conducting themselves in public. When it comes to how to dress, talk, walk, and even sit, there are rules for that. 

Some of the rules are more specific than anyone might think. When it comes to royals acting properly, there is not a hair out of place, or a tiara placed too far forward or too far back on that hair. Some of these rules have even changed over time. Styles and fashions change. The displays of wealth characteristic of past generations of royals are also no longer a part of the overall image. While some rules are tried and true, others have changed drastically over time. Some things that Princess Diana did in public, Kate Middleton most likely will not. The same could be said going back for centuries and centuries.  

If you are a royal etiquette expert who knows how to mind your manners, see if you can conquer this very polite quiz!  

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