Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Russia in WWII?
How Much Do You Know About Russia in WWII?
By: John Miller
Image: wikimedia

About This Quiz

In the United States and Britain, citizens commemorate the sacrifices of their men and women in World War II in a variety of ways. America, in particular, pays tribute to soldiers with pomp and parades … but that’s because the U.S. was so insulated from the horrors of the war. In Russia, people remember the war very differently. That’s because the USSR paid an incredible toll for its very survival. In this bloody quiz, what do you know about the Soviet Union and its struggles during the Second World War?

In the years before the European Theater exploded, Soviet leaders were anything but benign. In the name of Communism, they oppressed and murdered millions of people in Eastern Europe. Then, to make matters worse, they sided with Adolf Hitler’s lunacy as the Third Reich plundered nations far and wide. What do you know about Russia’s participation in the murderous mayhem at the start of WWII?

For the USSR, the joys of pillaging were short-lived. Because when you befriend Nazis, you know you’ve made no friends at all. Backstabbing and betrayal became the theme of 1941. Do you know exactly how the USSR’s alliances began to crumble?

As Germany wielded its blitzkrieg on the Eastern Front, Soviet troops and civilians ran for their lives. Countless millions of them were murdered, in numbers so great that the names have been lost to history. Yet the Soviets had a steely leader of their own, one who threatened to kill them if they retreated – and so they fought. 

Arm yourself for the most horrifying WWII quiz of all-time – the story of the Soviet Union’s struggle to survive. Will you escape the wrath of two tyrants? Or will you perish along with millions of your helpless comrades?

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