How Much Do You Know About Safari Animals?


Elephants use their trunks as _____ .

Elephants use their trunks for so many things. It acts as a hand, an extra foot and a means of communication. Heck, they use it as a fork.

Elephants are ______ .

Technically, elephants are actually vegans. They eat roots, fruit, grasses and bark. That's a heart-healthy diet.

Elephants are the _____ land mammals.

Elephants are the largest land mammals on the planet. It's amazing that they can get that big from eating grass.

Lions are _____ .

Lions are very social creatures. When you go on safari, you'll see them sitting in the shade rubbing heads, licking one another for cleaning purposes and purring at one another.

Lions are ______ .

Lions are most certainly carnivores. When there's a kill, the whole pride of lions shares the meal.

Safari animals are commonly referred to as ______ .

Safari animals are commonly referred to as the Big 5. These include elephants, rhinos, lions, buffalo and leopards.

Buffalo enjoy dining on _______ .

Buffaloes love dining on grasses of all size. They require large spaces in order to obtain enough grass.

Which buffaloes wear the horns?

Both male and female buffaloes have horns. These are heavy, ridged horns that curve downward and then up.

A buffalo's horns are used for _______ .

The buffaloes use their horns for protection from predators. Luckily, the women are equipped with the same weapons.

Buffaloes are known to be ______ to humans.

Buffaloes can be quite dangerous and volatile. This is particularly when they are wounded or cornered.

Rhinos come in ______ .

African rhinos actually come in different colors. There's the black rhino, which has a pointed upper lip, and the white rhino, which has a squared lip.

The most difficult animal to spot on safari is the ______ .

The leopard is the most difficult animal to spot on safari. That's because it's nocturnal, and quite secretive.

What do you call the dark circles on a leopard's tawny coat?

The dark circles on the leopard's tawny coat are called rosettes. This gives the leopard an elegant, distinct appearance.

Leopards are _____ .

Leopards are very much carnivores. Their large, sharp teeth are evidence of that.

Leopards prefer ______ forest.

Leopards like to live in riverine forest, which is forest that surrounds river. They also prefer to live in dense bush in rocky areas.

Leopards use their spotted coats for ____ .

Leopards use their spotted coats for perfect camouflage. They blend in with the trees and thick bush.

Leopards prefer to eat _____ .

Leopards prefer to eat in trees. If they were to leave their kill out and exposed, it would be stolen by lions and hyenas.

Rhinos prefer _______ .

Rhinos, particularly white rhinos, prefer the grassland. They also enjoy being in an ecosystem with trees and water.

The Big 5 are notorious for being the _____ to catch.

The Big 5 were grouped together by hunters because they are historically the most difficult to hunt. They're also the most dangerous.

Can you find lions in the jungle?

No, there are no lions in the jungle. They enjoy the savannah grasslands of Africa. Everyone has their preferences.

Lions are the _____ largest big cat.

Lions are the second largest big cat in the world, and Africa's most notorious predator. The largest is the Siberian tiger. (Some say the liger is the biggest.)

Do other cats live in prides like lions do?

Funny enough, lions are the only social cats on the planet. They require a lot of contact with one another, just as we do.

A lion's roar can be heard ____ away.

A lion's roar is so powerful that it can be heard 5 miles away. This helps the lions to communicate with one another over vast distances.

Lions have been declared _____ on the IUNC Red List.

Lions have been declared as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List. Let's make sure that we protect these remarkable animals!

The leopard is the ______ of the big cats of Africa.

The leopard is the strongest climber of all the big cats in Africa. Leopards are the epitome of power and grace.

Leopards are ______ .

Leopards are loners, and quite anti-social. Listen, it can happen to anyone.

Leopards prefer ______ .

Leopards are highly adaptable, and they can live in either deserts or forests. That means that leopards can survive in many parts of the world.

Do leopards roar?

Leopards actually don't roar, but they do snarl and bark. When leopards are happy, they purr.

Elephants are known for their ______ .

Elephants are quite famous for their intelligence. That's why humans have sought to domesticate them for centuries.

Do elephants get sunburnt?

Elephants can actually get sunburnt. That's why they throw sand on their backs and heads to alleviate the sting.

The elephant gestation period is how long?

Elephants have the longest gestation period of any mammal. They carry the baby for 22 months and then give birth standing up, with a protective circle of other elephants around them.

Were African elephants once endangered?

Until 1996, elephants were on the Endangered list. Today, their status is Vulnerable, but we'd rather they be A-OK.

Rhinos are _______ .

Contrary to what their appearance suggests, rhinos can run quite fast. They run on their toes, which total 3 on each foot.

The most deadly of the Big 5 for hunters is ______ .

Believe it or not, the buffalo is the most deadly for hunters. They've killed more hunters than any other of the Big 5.

How is a buffalo's memory?

Buffaloes have tremendous memories. They're able to ambush hunters they have encountered before.

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