Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Small Engine Parts?
How Much Do You Know About Small Engine Parts?
By: Steven Symes
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Get out your magnifying glass and try to remember detail engine schematics. The tiny parts in engines abound! You might think of engines as large, smelly, loud objects sitting under your car hood, but some of the parts are actually very tiny.

When engines were first created, they were relatively simple machines that people marveled at. The fact is, they were loud, smelly, unreliable, weak, and wouldn't last long. That's far different from the engines we get in cars today. We've become conditioned to expect most engines to last the life of a vehicle, thanks to all kinds of innovations in their design. 

Of course, with all that innovation comes complexity. Modern engines contain hundreds of parts, but as a trade-off they are light years ahead of early car engines. If you've ever rebuilt a newer engine, particularly one with fuel injection, you know just how many little components are inside them. Forgetting to install just one little part, or not installing it exactly as you should can result in serious engine problems. Every last component in an engine is important, even the small things you might think are somewhat expendable. 

Just how much do you know about the little things in an engine? Take this quiz to find out! 

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On some engines that require routine valve adjustments, this part helps speed up the process.
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You must remove this to get the old oil out of the engine.
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This should provide an accurate reading of how much oil is left in the engine, but you might get your hands a little dirty.
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This is the thing that ignites the air and fuel mixture in the engine.
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What acts as a regulator of when exhaust gases escape the combustion chamber?
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What ensures the piston won't let any gases escape around the edges once it's in the closed position?
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Where does the air temperature sensor sit in a car?
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What is the part that keeps the connecting rod and piston together?
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What regulates exactly how much fuel makes its way into each cylinder?
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If you find oil in the spark plug tubes, what are you likely going to need to replace?
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Besides cosmetics, what's one reason you might replace the engine oil cap?
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What does a cold start injector pipe provide?
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Which direction does a valve spring pull the valve?
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What small engine part acts as a gate, regulating the flow of air and fuel into the cylinders?
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The water outlet on your engine basically is what simple device?
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What actually touches the gudgeon pin in the connecting rod?
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What part is most likely worn if your engine is burning oil?
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What large part do the main bearings hold in place inside the engine?
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An oil leak at the top of a cylinder head could be coming from which part?
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Each valve spring must be fitted with a keeper and what else?
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What part directly actuates a rocker arm?
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A non-interference engine design means you don't risk damage to what critical small parts if the timing is off?
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What wheel with teeth connects directly to the crankshaft?
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What are the uneven sections on the camshafts called?
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What part helps the ECU know how much oxygen is contained in each cubic inch of air as it flows into the cylinders?
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