Quiz: How much do you know about summer solstice?
How much do you know about summer solstice?
By: Maria Trimarchi
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From its pagan and its religious roots to the mystery of Stonehenge and other ancient sites, the summer solstice has meant many things to many people on this planet. See how much you know about when and why the summer solstice happens, and why it's been considered a magical time of the year.

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The summer solstice happens on what day of the year?
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The summer solstice is the ____ day of the year.
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In the U.S., the summer solstice is the beginning of what season?
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In places that are north of the Arctic Circle, like northern Alaska, the sun doesn't set below the horizon for 24 hours on the solstice. What's the phenomenon known as?
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The summer solstice kicked off the countdown to what ancient Greek event?
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Why does the Northern Hemisphere get so much sun on the summer solstice and through the summer?
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According to Chinese tradition, the Dōngzhì festival is the celebration of the winter solstice, and the "yang." What does the summer solstice celebrate?
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Which festival, paying tribute to the goddess Vesta, was celebrated by the ancient Romans in the days leading up to the summer solstice?
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Where in the U.S. is there an annual tradition of a baseball game, kicked off at 10:30 p.m. local time and played with nothing but natural light?
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When the summer solstice occurs in the Northern Hemisphere, what occurs in the Southern Hemisphere?
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The summer solstice occurs when the sun is directly over the Tropic of ____?
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Which is commonly a part of Midsummer celebrations?
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On the day of the summer solstice, the sun never sets where?
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What is a common Litha tradition?
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Which is a popular gathering place for celebrating the summer solstice in Germany?
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On the morning of the summer solstice, the sun rises above which horizon?
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The purpose of Stonehenge is not yet understood, so why do people visit it on the solstice?
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Solstices are often days of celebration. Worldwide, which is another name for the day of the summer solstice?
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Is Earth the only planet that has a summer solstice?
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At the equator, all days of the year have the same number of daylight hours and nighttime hours. When else, except at the equator, does that happen during the year?
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Midsummer is considered magical, and the tradition in Sweden on Midsummer night is for all the single ladies and girls to place what under their pillow?
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Which of the four elements is traditionally associated with summer solstice?
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How tall is your shadow at noon on the day of the summer solstice?
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Where in the U.S. is the summer solstice celebrated with traditional oven-baked pancakes, strawberry shortcake and bonfires of Juhannus?
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Where in the U.S. is the summer solstice celebrated with a walk through a giant Earth Labyrinth, as well as events with healers and musicians?
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Is it true you can balance an egg upright on your kitchen table on the day of the solstice?
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The summer solstice marked the start of a new calendar year for which civilization?
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Which ancient civilization of the Americas used their Temple of the Sun to honor their sun god, Inti?
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What type of seed should you rub on your eyes if you want to see faeries on midsummer's evening?
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More than 700 cities in 120 countries celebrate what on the day of the summer solstice?
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Is the summer solstice the start of summer?
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Which has become a summer solstice tradition at Times Square in New York City?
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There is a set of petroglyphs, known as the Sun Dagger, carved into a cliff in Chaco canyon. What happens to the petroglyphs at summer solstice?
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