Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Tactical Gear for Hunting?
How Much Do You Know About Tactical Gear for Hunting?
By: John Miller
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 In the olden days, guys like Theodore Roosevelt, Davy Crockett, and Ernest Hemingway set out on safaris and day hunts with boots and big guns. Nowadays, hunters have a whole lot more equipment they can choose from before they chase down those 30-point bucks. Do you think you know all about today’s best tactical gear for hunting?

Tactical gear refers to the tools – simple or high-tech – that hunters deploy to plan, track, and kill their favorite prey. It starts with the right clothing and weapons and ends with the gear that you need to get your kill home quickly and efficiently. Do you know the kinds of tools you need to stay safe and dry during a hunt in blizzard conditions?

Whether you hunt pheasant, whitetail deer, duck, moose, elk, bear, turkey or any number of other game species, there are a plethora of products that make stalking and shooting easier than ever before – unless, of course, you’re simply a terrible shot.

No, you don’t need night-vision goggles for hunting (although it would be super fun). But tools of all kinds, from your smartphone to the right knife, can make a major difference in how your big day starts and ends. Lock and load, it’s time for you to take our hunting tactical gear quiz!

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