Quiz: How much do you know about the Age of Exploration?
How much do you know about the Age of Exploration?
By: Jaclyn Lavine
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Do you remember what happened in 1492, when Columbus crossed the sea in the Nina, and the Pinta, and the mighty Santa Maria? Your history teacher sure hopes so. Of course, the indigenous people who were already living in the "New World" didn't think their lands were being newly "discovered" by the Europeans. Nevertheless, test your knowledge with this quiz!

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Which country is responsible for launching the first expedition?
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What was Christopher Columbus hoping to discover?
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What crucial breakthrough is the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias responsible for?
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Which indigenous empire did the Spanish conquistadors come into contact with, then later destroy?
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Where was Henry the Navigator's navigation school located?
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Who was responsible for conquering the Inca Empire in Peru?
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Who led the first expedition to circle the globe?
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Which explorer traveled to China?
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Which explorer discovered Australia first?
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Which explorer is responsible for the Australian expedition that would lead to settlements?
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What was Australia initially called?
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One of the ships in Christopher Columbus' expedition sank on what holiday?
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What country was responsible for bringing horses to the New World during this era?
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Which explorer was the first governor of Puerto Rico?
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Diego Colon was the son of which explorer?
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Who is credited with the discovery of Florida?
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What mythic discovery is Ponce de Leon purported to have sought in Florida?
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In what century did the Age of Exploration end?
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