How Much Do You Know About the Australian Drama a Place to Call Home?

John Miller

"A Place to Call Home" begins in which era?

As the series begins, a young woman named Sarah is heading home after a long stint in World War II-era Europe. She about to meet a family that will change her life.

Where is Sarah going?

Sarah spent the war years in Europe. Now she's traveling by ship to Australia, but all sorts of drama awaits her at home.

While on the ship, Sarah meets George. Who's he?

George is a rich widower who hits it off with Sarah. The two begin taking the time to know each other during the voyage.

Why is George's mother, Elizabeth, less than happy about Sarah's presence?

Elizabeth is the powerful mother of the family and she's used to being a focal point of attention. With the beautiful Sarah around, suddenly Elizabeth isn't quite as popular.

What was Sarah's occupation in Europe?

Sarah is a nurse who helps heal people. But she's also a gorgeous woman with a mysterious past.

What does James Bligh (George's son) attempt to do during the voyage?

James is clearly carrying the weight of something dark. He's about to fling himself overboard, but Sarah intervenes.

James tells Sarah why he tried to kill himself. What's the reason?

James married Olivia, but he's truly in love with her brother William. He's so torn by the situation that he tries to kill himself.

James' mother, Elizabeth, convinced James to marry Olivia even though he was clearly a homosexual. Why?

Elizabeth didn't want James' life to be tarnished by any sort of sexual scandal. And of course, she didn't want her reputation to be tarnished, either.

Sarah was raised in a Catholic family but converted to Judaism. Why?

Sarah married a Jewish man named Rene Nordmann. With their marriage, she decided to convert to Judaism.

Elizabeth suffers a heart attack. What does Olivia have to say about the woman's poor health?

Olivia is understandably upset that Elizabeth forced her gay son to marry her. She says that she hopes Elizabeth dies.

James decides that he and Olivia should move it Sydney. Why?

James is powerfully attracted to Harry, and he obviously doesn't want Olivia to know. So he says that it's in their best interests to move to the big city.

What else does Olivia discover?

Olivia learns that her new husband is gay ... and that she's pregnant. Fortunately, James is actually thrilled about this development.

After learning that Olivia is pregnant, what does James do?

James decides to renew his commitment to the marriage. He wants to undergo electroshock therapy to cure the gayness right out of himself.

James undergoes shock treatment to cure his homosexuality. How's that work out for him?

The anti-homosexuality treatment is truly horrifying and brutal. James persists, but Olivia is terribly worried about the sordid process.

Why does Doris see Sarah naked?

Sarah performs a Jewish cleansing ceremony outdoors, and Doris spots her. Doris is more than a little put off by the situation, and Sarah is taken aback by her reaction.

Sarah confronts Bert in public about which issue?

Sarah finds out that Bert has been physically beating his wife, Eve. So Sarah confronts him in public in hopes that he'll stop his awful behavior.

Jack attends a military remembrance day and gets drunk. What does he tell Sarah?

Jack, like George, really, really digs Sarah. Who doesn't? He tells her that he loves her, but it doesn't go over all that well.

Regina is openly cruel to Sarah. Why?

Regina doesn't hide her disdain with Sarah. She's an anti-Semite and she intends to make her feelings very, very clear.

Elizabeth doesn't want George to marry Sarah. How does she threaten him?

Elizabeth pulls the time-worn rich person trick -- she threatens to disown George if he continues his relationship with Sarah.

Sarah was a nurse during the war. Where did she end up during this conflict?

Sarah, being Jewish, was stripped of her identity and thrown into a Nazi concentration camp. There, she struggled simply to survive.

James' doctor continues his tortuous treatment process. He suggests what measure?

James' doctor is like a character out of horror movie, content to torture his subjects. He tries to up the ante by suggesting a lobotomy because, you know, it might be fun!

What happened to Sarah during the war?

During her wartime imprisonment, Sarah was raped. She finally tells George about the experience, and he says that he still loves her.

Sarah agrees to marry George. Then she learns what news?

Regina returns from Europe with amazing news -- Sarah's first husband, Rene, is still alive. Now, Sarah will have to make some very difficult choices.

What news does Olivia learn about her unborn baby?

Olivia was thrilled with her pregnancy, and now she's wrecked to learn that the baby has died. Her young life seems cursed.

Sarah learns that she's pregnant with George's baby. What decision does she make?

Sarah should be happy about the fact that she's pregnant. But with Rene back in the picture, she figures it's best to have an abortion.

Regina hates Sarah, but she really loves _____.

Regina doesn't like Sarah because Sarah is Jewish. But she also wants George all for herself, and Sarah's in the way.

What does Bert decide to do after he finds out about James' homosexuality?

You know, that Bert guy is kind of a trashy character. He beats his wife and then blackmails the Blighs with his knowledge of James' homosexuality.

Anna and Gino love each other, and they convince their parents to do what?

Anna and Gino are probably too young to marry. But they convince their parents to allow them to have a trial marriage.

Anna learns that she's pregnant, and shortly afterward, what happens?

On this show, pregnancies are never safe. Anna finds out she's pregnant, but not much time passes before she has a miscarriage.

Who does George marry?

George is torn every which way and winds up marrying Regina. But his relationship with Sarah is anything but over.

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For six seasons and 67 episodes (so far), the Australian drama "A Place to Call Home" has entered the living rooms of viewers all over the world. The show is a period drama, set in the aftermath of World War II, and it stars Marta Dusseldorp as Sara Adams and Noni Hazelhurst as Elizabeth Bligh, as well as Brett Climo and George Bligh, Craig Hall as Dr. Jack Duncan, David Berry as James Bligh, and Abby Earl as Anna Poletti, among others.

Although the show was canceled after its second season, the enthusiasm of fans and network interest resulted in a revival of the series. The show is set in New South Wales and takes on the social issues that were prevalent in the 1950s. The series was the 2017 winner of the Logie Award for Most Outstanding Drama Series, has been nominated for numerous awards throughout its run and has been called a melodrama by the series creator.

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