Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Australian Jailbird Drama Wentworth?
How Much Do You Know About the Australian Jailbird Drama Wentworth?
By: John Miller

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In prison, criminals keep right on doing what they do best -- plotting and scheming. And sometimes, their plans go horribly awry. How much do you know about the drama named "Wentworth"?

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"Wentworth" is a drama that takes place mostly in which setting?
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The first episode follows a woman named Bea Smith, who is going to prison for which crime?
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As the show starts, Bea is in "remand," which is what?'
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Why did Bea try to kill her own husband?
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Upon her arrival in prison, Bea meets a woman named Franky, who wants to use Bea for which purpose?
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A bigwig prisoner named Jacs suddenly reappears in the general population after a stint in _____.
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The prison warden, Meg Jackson, wants to stem the tide of drugs coming into the prison. What happens to her?
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Robbie Magasiva plays the part of Will. Why is Will distraught?
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Doreen is another prisoner. She's mostly worried about what issue?
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After Meg's murder, Will tells Doreen that she must help him find the killer. Otherwise, he'll do what?
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Debbie is a major character. Who is she?
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Will can't get a grip on his life after his wife Meg dies. He develops which problem?
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Jacs has an intense rivalry with which person?
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A prisoner named Ronnie cajoles her daughter, Amy, into smuggling ____ into the prison.
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Why does Franky decide to completely sever her relationship with her estranged father?
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Liz chugs some homemade alcohol and then blabbers about her past. Why is she in prison?
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Jacs orders her minions to attack Franky. Bea tries to convince her to stop the attack. What does Jacs do?
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Jacs' son Brayden purposely starts a relationship with Bea's daughter, Debbie. What does he do to Debbie?
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What does Bea do after she learns of Debbie's death?
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Jacs stokes Bea's anger about Debbie's death. What does Bea do?
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Bea lures Brayden into visiting the prison, and then she tries to kill him. What happens?
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Vera's elderly mother has a terminal illness, so Vera decides to ____.
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Doreen has a major life event. What is it?
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Maxine is plagued with which health problem while behind bars?
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How does Allie play a role in Bea's life?
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