Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Baptist Church?
How Much Do You Know About the Baptist Church?
By: Torrance Grey
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The denomination known as "Baptist" takes its name from one of the most meaningful rituals in Christianity -- baptism, an outward sign of internal cleansing and renewal. This faith tradition has long been associated with the American South, from the hollows of Appalachia to the wide, grassy plains of Texas. But Baptists are found throughout North America -- throughout the world, even! Its roots are something of a mystery: Not everyone agrees how old the Baptist tradition is, and exactly where it started. (Did you know that there are three origin stories for the Baptist denomination  -- one that is commonly accepted, and two that are more "alternative"?)

Our quiz covers the history and mysteries of the Baptist denomination: The fundamental things that they believe, and how it affects their lifestyle; famous Baptists of the past and present; and different types of Baptist churches. They don't all believe the same things, nor worship in the exact same way. Some types of Baptists don't believe in Sunday school, nor in using musical instruments in the church service. Some are politically conservative, and others more progressive.

You don't have to be a churchgoer to enjoy this glimpse into one of America's most popular and meaningful faith traditions. You might be surprised as to what you learn about what Baptists believe about God, salvation, the government, the ritual of baptism and more. So settle in, and test your savvy about this Protestant tradition with our quiz!

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