Quiz: How much do you know about the basics of map reading?
How much do you know about the basics of map reading?
By: John Miller
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About This Quiz

Whether the map is of your local area or of the world, most of the basics are the same. If you remember those basics, we challenge you to dig deep into your memory and see how much you really remember.

Oh, hear us out, because we're going to rag a bit on millennials. Yup, the generation that practically grew up with Google Maps can't read a map. So, if the zombie apocalypse ever really does come, and you all need to get to the safe zone, you're in trouble.

Map reading skills are actually important. Rather than watching a little arrow move along a line with a voice telling you to turn left in 1,000 feet, map reading gives you a micro view of the world in which you live. Just like you learned to read a map or a globe in World Geography class that gave you a sense of where things are in the world, learning to read a map of your local area can help you do more than turn right at the McDonald's and then left at the Dunkin Donuts. Of course, if that's the way you want to get around, who are we to tell you you're wrong?

Let's get started.

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If you're hiking in a wilderness area, you should pair a good map with a ____ so that you don't get lost.
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Maps are a visual represenation of what, exactly?
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The relationship between the size of the map and the actual size of the area depicted on the map is called _____.
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On a map, a blue blob typically indicates what sort of feature?
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What is NOT one of the so-called "cardinal directions" on a map?
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On a map, which direction is to the RIGHT?
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A "needle" is an important part of which tool?
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What does the color green typically mean?
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True or false, are all maps printed on paper?
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What does a topographical map portray?
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The map legend is often called the _____.
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What symbol do you use to determine the orientation of a map?
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Which term refers to a set of imaginary horizontal lines that cross the Earth?
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If you see a swath of white on a map, what does it likely indicate?
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True or false, do all maps orient themselves with north at the top?
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Longitude lines are also called _____.
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On a topographical map, contour lines connect points of _____ elevation.
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True or false, are map symbols mostly the same from country to country?
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On a topographical map, what does it mean when contour lines are very close to each other?
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True or false, is scale mostly the same from map to map?
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The larger the scale, the ____ the area represented on the map.
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The practice of omitting certain details of an area in order to make a map more readable is called what?
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