Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Best-Selling Guns of All Time?
How Much Do You Know About the Best-Selling Guns of All Time?
By: John Miller
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Guns, guns, the deadliest flutes, the more you build, the more shoot. The world is swimming in locks, stocks and barrels -- how much do you know about the most numerous firearms in history?

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What was one of the best-selling guns of the Old West?
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The AR-15 is what sort of firearm?
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The Gewehr 98 was designed and built in which country?
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Germany's Gewehr 98 saw plenty of infantry combat in which war?
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Which gun has been manufactured more than any other?
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What type of firearm is the AK-47?
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What sort of gun is the Winchester Model 1866?
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What sort of action does the Mosin–Nagant rifle use?
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The M1 Garand originated in which country?
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When was the AK-47 first produced?
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The Lee–Enfield rifle was the standard service rifle for which military?
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What sort of cartridges does the M1 Garand fire?
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The AR-15 is also known as the _____.
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Which of these famous guns used a lever action?
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The IMI Uzi originated in which country?
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What sort of weapon is the FN Browning M1900?
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There may be as many as ______ AK-47 rifles around the world.
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Which country built the Type 99 rifle?
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What's the effective firing range of the famed Lee–Enfield rifle?
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The Mosin–Nagant is a very common military weapon that's still used in combat despite its age. About how many were manufactured?
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The AK-47 is officially known as the _____.
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The SKS is semi-automatic carbine created in which country?
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The Remington Model 870 is the most-produced shotgun in American history. About how many have been built?
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The Mossberg 500 is a very popular type of _____.
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True or false: The SKS was widely used during World War II.
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The Russian Mosin–Nagant has a magazine that stores how many rounds?
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How many rounds per minute can a typical Uzi fire?
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What was the official name of the "Peacemaker," a popular gun used to settle disputes in the Old West?
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The Walther P38 was born of which conflict?
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What sort of firearm is the Winchester Model 1897?
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