Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Chicago Blackhawks?
How Much Do You Know About the Chicago Blackhawks?
By: John Miller
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Close to a century ago, pro hockey was in its infancy in North America. Then, six teams started scuffing the ice, and professional sports would never again be the same – one of those teams was the Chicago Blackhawks. Back then, though, they weren’t known as the Blackhawks … do you know what the team was called?

Some of the first teams immediately excelled, while others fell flat. Do you recall how long it took the Blackhawks to win their first Stanley Cup? And did you know that the team has endured more than one long title drought, the likes of which have been matched by only a few other pro sports clubs?

With their long history, the Blackhawks have been home to numerous iconic players. Can you name any of the young men who drove the team to glory? Can you remember any of the star players who suffered through long, lean years of losing?

How well do you know the modern club? Do you even know the arena where they play their home games? And can you name the players who have taken Chicago fans on a wild series of recent title runs?

Face off with our icy hockey quiz right now!

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