Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Coast Guard?
How Much Do You Know About the Coast Guard?
By: John Miller
Image: DanCardiff/ E+/gettyimages

About This Quiz

Quick, can you name all of the branches of the United States Armed Forces? The Army, Navy and Air Force are easy. But you still have two to go. The Marines … and the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard is an often-overlooked branch of America’s military forces, but these men and women serve a vital function around the country and all over the world. In this shallow-water quiz, do you really think you know the U.S. Coast Guard?

After the heady days of the American Revolution, the newly born United States was a turbulent place. The nation needed a way to control its waters, and there was really no Navy of any kind. That’s when the forerunner of the Coast Guard took to the seas. Do you recall the history and purpose of the very first Coast Guard crews?

In the 1800s, the Coast Guard performed so ably that it garnered more and more missions. Congress renamed the service, gave it ever more power, and the once-tiny fleet became an increasingly important tool of the government.

These days, the Coast Guard guards America’s borders, counters criminals who use the sea as their playground, and saves lives every single day of the year. Hold your breath and plunge into the icy waters of this Coast Guard quiz now!

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