Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Criminal Justice System?
How Much Do You Know About the Criminal Justice System?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

A justice system is a group of persons organized by a country’s government who are responsible for controlling crime, defending the law and punishing offenders. In the United States of America, several criminal justice systems exist. Despite the slight variances in their laws, they are all based on the US constitution.

The US criminal justice system comprises two main systems: the state justice system and the federal justice system. The state justice system is responsible for all crimes done within or relating to the responsible state. The federal justice system handles crimes which pose a national threat such as espionage and assassinations of government officials.

The US justice system across all states is made of three components. Law enforcement is the first step of the justice system. After the notification of a crime has been received, offenders are arrested, evidence is collected, and reports are written by police officers. 

The second one is the adjudication, which begins when the police reports are filed to a prosecutor who determines whether the matter should be taken to court where if pronounced guilty, the offender receives a sentence. And third, there are corrections. Convicts are placed at correctional facilities where they partake in rehabilitation programs responsible for preparing them to re-enter society as improved beings.

But before we go too far and tell you too much, can you answer our questions? Do you know all about your country's criminal justice system?

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