Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Cuban Missile Crisis?
How Much Do You Know About the Cuban Missile Crisis?
By: John Miller
Image: Cecil Stoughton, White House

About This Quiz

After World War II, the United States and USSR were the world’s only remaining superpowers. And they had conflicting ideologies, with the U.S. touting freedom, capitalism and democracy while the Soviets were determined to spread Communism throughout the world. The titans clashed throughout the Cold War, but during the Cuban Missile Crisis, things got scary in a hurry. In this quiz, what do you really know about the missile crisis and its aftermath?

In 1961, the United States was fed up with Fidel Castro, the revolutionary Communist leader of Cuba. President Kennedy and his men did everything they could to oust the bearded firebrand in hopes of pushing Communism farther from America’s shores. The CIA’s not-so-brilliant plan backfired and left military leaders looking for new solutions. Do you know which ill-fated plan we’re referring to? And do you know how the Cubans responded?

The USSR enjoyed pressuring U.S. interests during the Cold War, so its leaders decided to press their luck in late 1962. Suddenly, nuclear weapons seemed like they were inevitably about to arrive near American shores. How did ordinary citizens learn the news? And how did Americans respond to the ominous broadcasts about the Soviet missiles?

As America tried to find a way to keep Communist missiles from threatening the East Coast and the rest of nation, Cuban and Soviet officials kept escalating the situation. President Kennedy was left in a precarious situation – would he back down or risk World War III with the Soviet Union? 

Jump into the treacherous situation of the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis! We’ll see if you can find a political solution or if you’ll be dodging incoming ICBMs!

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