Quiz: How Much Do You Know about the Donington Historic Festival?
How Much Do You Know about the Donington Historic Festival?
By: Steven Symes
Image: ispyasupercar

About This Quiz

Do you live, eat, and breathe classic cars, especially those from Europe? If you haven't heard of the Donington Historic Festival, you're about to be in for the treat of a lifetime. 

Europeans, in general, love to celebrate their rich automotive history. After all, it's where the automobile was born and first took to the streets. Britain quickly took to the car scene, including holding races in venues throughout the island nation. One way people in the country, and from all over Europe, celebrate this heritage is through this annual festival. The fame of this event has only been increasing with each passing year as it continues to grow in size and influence. 

Quite a few racers head to the Donington Historic Festival each year, which is usually held in the late spring. They also come with a classic car or motorcycle, because that's what organizers allow to race. As you can imagine, this is quite the treat for anyone who likes old cars. Even better, spectators show up with their classic rides as well. 

How much do you know about this gearhead gathering? Take the quiz now and find out! 

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Where is the festival held each year?
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What does it cost to enter the paddock as a fan?
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What does the festival contain in the infield?
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From what decade are the oldest cars at the festival?
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What rally competition is a big crowd pleaser?
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What other types of vehicles are present at the festival?
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Each year, what event from April of 1993 is commemorated?
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To gain access to the classic parking area, how old must a vehicle be?
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How many days of racing are included in the festival?
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What do festival organizers call the infield portion of the track during the event?
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What era of cars are represented in the HRDC Touring Greats race?
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What was the first year of the festival?
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What model year range is included in the Coys Trophy racing?
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What's one qualification criteria for the Historic Touring Car Challenge?
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At lunchtime what goes on during the festival?
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When are all the cars in the U2TC grid made?
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What do festival organizers charge car clubs to set up a stand?
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For a GT car to compete for the GT & Sports Car Cup, how old must it be?
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What kinds of cars compete for the HSCC Derek Bell Trophy?
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What was the basis for the original track?
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The Stirling Moss Trophy is for what kind of vehicles?
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Donington Park was closed during what major event?
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After Donington Park reopened, what feature was added to the track?
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What famous museum is located at the track?
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What types of vehicles can participate in the races?
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From where did Donington Park get its name?
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What era of vehicles is represented for the Royal Automobile Club Woodcote Trophy?
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What size engines are allowed for the Super Touring Car Challenge?
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Where is a popular place for festival-goers​ to camp?
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How many playgrounds are at Donington Park?
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What brand gets its own competition at the festival?
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