Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Duke vs UNC Basketball Rivalry?
How Much Do You Know About the Duke vs UNC Basketball Rivalry?
By: John Miller
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College basketball’s blue bloods dominate the hardwood and hang more banners than run-of-the mill squads. Down South, especially, a few teams tend to dunk all over the place once March Madness sets in and championships are on the line. That’s when the Duke and North Carolina basketball rivalry reaches a fevered pitch. Do you know anything about the storied rivalry between the Tar Heels and Blue Devils?

For nearly a century, these two teams have gone back and forth in their quest to rule the roost of their home state. Both squads recruit the best players in high school basketball year after year, wielding the finest shooters and toughest young men to play the game. Can you name any of the star players for UNC and Duke?

For decades, both teams have been led by legendary coaches. Do you know the men who find the best talent in the land and then mold it to their winning systems? You’ll surely recognize the names of their players – from Bobby Hurley to Tyler Hansbrough to J.J. Redick to Daniel Ewing, many of these standouts won titles and then went on to successful NBA careers.

Every year, these teams clash in hotly anticipated matchups. Many of those games are recorded permanently in the epic lore of the NCAA’s greatest games. Take our Duke-UNC rivalry quiz now! Maybe you’ll find yourself cutting down the nets, or perhaps this tough quiz will make you look more Dave Bliss than Dean Smith.

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