Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Engineering Marvels of WWII?
How Much Do You Know About the Engineering Marvels of WWII?
By: John Miller
Image: youtube

About This Quiz

World War II was unique in that the stakes were so high -- many countries were fighting to make sure that their peoples weren’t wiped from the face of the planet. Dire circumstances, though, have a way of focusing mental and economic energies, and as a result, WWII engineers produced countless marvels of technology, spanning everything from food, to medicine, to weapons, to planes.

The war began in 1939. Did you know that just five years later, newer planes had become so advanced that those made during the early war were nearly useless? The same trend followed in armored vehicles, as early tanks were simply no match for technological advances built into late-war variants. Can you name any of these marvelous wonders of weaponry?

You already know that the U.S. created The Bomb during WWII. Do you know anything about the costs associated with that groundbreaking program? And do you have any idea how much a similar project would cost in today’s dollars?

Both the Axis and the Allies invested vast sums of money in research and development during the war. Can you match the sides to some of the war’s crazier and more audacious projects?

The Second World War saw unimaginable human suffering, but it also sparked engineers’ imaginations in amazing ways. Let’s see if you know anything about the most miraculous inventions of the war!

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