Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Famous Women of WWII?
How Much Do You Know About the Famous Women of WWII?
By: John Miller
Image: Wiki Commons by Collections of the Imperial War Museums

About This Quiz

As the atrocities of World War II consumed Earth in the 1940s, men armed themselves and died by the millions on battlefields all over the globe. Although most countries initially banned women from the fighting, as desperation took hold, more and more women grabbed machine guns and blasted their enemies to pieces. What do you really know about the famous women of the Second World War?

The United States never resorted to sending women to front-line combat. But in the Soviet Union, Stalin knew his country was in peril, so he allowed women to serve in various capacities. In some cases, Soviet women were right in the middle of combat, killing -- and being killed by — Nazi troops at every turn. What do you know about the famous women warriors who fought and died in the war?

Women served in many other capacities, too. They used their wits and courage as intelligence agents behind enemy lines. They coordinated French Resistance attacks, thwarted Third Reich missions, and gained infamy within the Gestapo, who hunted them down at all costs. What do you know about female spies of WWII?

If they weren’t killing and spying, other women toiled in factories to make the guns that made the war go “boom.” Others became indispensable politicians who forged alliances and worked to keep the home front operating smoothly. Pull up your hair so it doesn’t get bloody in this famous women of WWII quiz!

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