Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the French and Indian War?
How Much Do You Know About the French and Indian War?
By: John Miller
Image: youtube

About This Quiz

In the 1700s, wars were often named for the royalty who ordered them to be fought, like Queen Anne’s War. During this violent conflict of the 1750s, though, we Westerners mostly know the fight as being named for the enemies of the British Crown – it was the French and Indian War, a series of battles that had very high stakes for the New World.

Do you know which two major nations faced off in the French and Indian War, and why they decided to take up arms against one another? Were they fighting for gold, slaves … or something else altogether?

The French and Indian War was heavily stacked against one side at the beginning. How did the French balance the scales in their favor? And why did it take so long for the British to really take this war seriously?

British colonists played a major role in combat operations. One man, in particular, became a giant among humans thanks to the skills he honed during combat. Who was it? Later, he used his leadership to play an even bigger role in a more violent war.

The French and Indian War was an offshoot of a sprawling conflict – can you name the wider war? In the end, this little North American battle would lay the groundwork for world-shaking events. Gather your Minie balls, sharpen your bayonet and steel your gaze. Let’s see if you can survive our French and Indian War quiz!

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