Quiz: How Much do you Know About the Gritty Pittsburgh Steelers?
How Much do you Know About the Gritty Pittsburgh Steelers?
By: John Miller
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Hailing from the Rust Belt, the Pittsburgh Steelers are renowned for their toughness and glory on the NFL gridiron. How much do you really know about this star-laden team?

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are an NFL team that plays in which conference?
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True or false, have the Steelers won more Super Bowl titles than any other NFL team?
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The Steelers are the _____ in the AFC.
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Art Rooney is a major figure in Steelers history. Who is he?
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Ben Rothlisberger is one of the stars of the Steelers. He plays which position?
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Steelers fullback Franco Harris was an integral part of a play so famous that it has its own nickname. What's the name of that play?
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In the '70s, Joe Greene was a famous defensive tackle for the Steelers. What was his nickname?
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In the early days, they weren't called the Steelers, they were the _____.
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The Steelers have hosted more AFC championship games than any other NFL team. How many have they hosted?
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Le'Veon Bell is a star running back for the Steelers but has been in trouble numerous times over which issue?
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To get pumped up during big games, what do Steelers fans wave in the air?
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The Terrible Towel is almost always created in which colors?
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Antonio Brown is an unstoppable wide receiver for the Steelers. He was selected in which round of the draft?
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At ____, the Steelers share the record for most conference championship games played.
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Who is the current head coach of the Steelers?
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Terry Bradshaw was the first NFL quarterback to win ____ Super Bowls.
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The Steelers play on which field?
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Where did the Steelers get that funky logo on the side of their helmets?
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Rod Woodson played 10 of his 17 scintillating seasons with the Steelers. What was his specialty?
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The '70s-era defensive line was famously stout. What was it's nickname?
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Lynn Swann is a famous Steelers player who excelled at which position?
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At one point, the Steelers combined teams with the Eagles, becoming the "Steagles," and we aren't kidding. Why would they do such a thing?
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The Steelers sometimes play in "throwback" jerseys that make them look like _____.
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Former Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw won many big games. What was his career passer rating?
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True or false, did the Steelers win their most recent Super Bowl game?
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The Steelers are one of the few NFL teams without cheerleaders. Why were the cheerleaders fired in the '60s?
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How did head coach Chuck Noll help change the fortunes of the Steelers in the '70s?
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The Steelers have a heated rivalry with which team?
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The Steelers have a long history of taking a stand on which social issue?
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The Steelers have sold out every home game since what year?
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