Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the History of Australia?
How Much Do You Know About the History of Australia?
By: Gavin Thagard
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If you travel to Australia, you will find that it has a long and rich history. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about this country's past!

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Who first occupied Australia?
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What do the Aborigines call stories that describe their creation?
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Where were the earliest human remains found in Australia?
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Which is the first known Europeans to reach Australia?
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What did the Dutch originally call Australia?
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Who claimed the east coast of Australia for Britain?
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What was the name of the first British colony in Australia?
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Who was the first Governor of New South Wales?
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For what was the New South Wales colony first used?
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How were most of the Aborigines killed after the Europeans arrived?
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After which massacre were seven colonists hanged for killing Aborigines?
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Who was the first Roman Catholic bishop in Sydney?
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From where were the fishermen killed during the Caledon Bay crisis?
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Who helped ease relationships with the Yolgnu after the Caledon Bay crisis?
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Who was the police officer killed by Yolngu in 1932, while investigating the deaths of the Japanese fishermen?
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Who was the first Aborigine to be knighted?
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From where was Philip Cunningham?
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During which rebellion was the Australian government taken over?
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Who led the army during the Rum Rebellion?
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Who was the Governor after William Bligh?
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Where was the first free colony of Australia?
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Where was the colony of South Australia located?
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Who was credited with starting the Australian Gold Rush?
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When was the Commonwealth of Australia officially​ formed?
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Who did Australia side with in World War I?
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Which famous commander was in control of the Australian Corps​ during World War I?
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Who formed the National Labor Party in Australia?
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When was the Communist Party of Australia formed?
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Which Act helped Australia develop independently as a state separate​ from Britain?
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Which country sank the HMAS Sydney?
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Where did Australian forces defeat the Japanese Army for Japan's first land defeat of World War II?
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What happened to immigration in Australia after World War II?
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