Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the History of Boxing?
How Much Do You Know About the History of Boxing?
By: Gavin Thagard
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Have you ever wanted to hit someone? Well, these people do it for a living!

Boxing, as a sport, has been around since the beginning of recorded history. In the Meditteranean region, references to fighting for sport have been recorded in places such as the Egyptian hieroglyphs. It was also a game of competition in the original Olympics from ancient Greece. These early fighters often wrapped their hands in leather and fought until someone couldn't continue or one of the competitors died. Obviously, a sport that vicious couldn't last, and over the centuries, boxing has developed as rules and regulations have helped the sport become safer and easier to judge.

The modern era of boxing really started to form in the 18th and 19th century. Set rules and promotions have helped the sport spread around the world, where boxers are capable of achieving world-wide fame. Countries from where many boxers come from often see their country's fighter as a symbol of national identity, defending the pride of their home country. Although the popularity of the sport sometimes wanes, boxing still has a large following, and huge fights are global events.

If you truly believe you're a boxing expert, see if you can pound this quiz into the ground!

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