Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the History of Firearms?
How Much Do You Know About the History of Firearms?
By: Isadora Teich
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About This Quiz

Think you know guns? Then take a shot at this quiz! Guns are a big part of the American identity and a big part of history. Numerous wars and generations of expansion have put firearms front and center, from early guns that were often mostly handmade contraptions constructed by farmers to the monsters of today, which can shoot countless bullets faster than you can blink. 

The firearm actually predates America by centuries, starting in Asia as something few would recognize today. Over the years, firearms have taken many different forms. Innovations in weapons technology occurred worldwide over centuries, leading eventually to the guns we know today. Today, these innovations and inventions happen faster than ever before. What firearms may look like in 100 years, no one really knows. However, what's certain is that those famous firearms of the past are still loved today. 

From the chaos of the American Revolution to the wild wild west to the trenches of World War I and beyond, a lot of historic guns are icons with an important place in our history and cult status in the present. If you are a hot shot with fast hands for firearm history, fire away at this quiz1 

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Where was gunpowder invented?
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Which brand of gun is known as "the gun that won the West"?
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During the 19th century, large numbers of ________ guns were produced.
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The first firearm was invented in:
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When did early firearms start appearing around the world?
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Breechloading guns were loaded from the back rather than:
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What did men duel with before guns?
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What did you need to shoot early firearms?
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Why were Colt revolvers a favorite of frontiersman and soldiers?
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Springfield Armory was America's main arsenal during the _________.
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What separated matchlock guns from previous guns?
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Which gun innovation was so expensive to produce that it did not catch on?
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Dueling pistols were often _______ than other firearms of the time.
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The firearms produced by Samuel Colt were the first firearms to be:
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Which of these guns came first?
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The fowling piece was the forerunner of:
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Which of these guns was mostly used during the Civil War?
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Which company sold the first widely used automatic rifle?
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Which of these was a major component of early guns?
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The main difference between matchlocks and flintlocks is:
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Flintlock guns were originally known as:
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Which of these improvements made firearms for more accurate?
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The American long rifle is also known as the ________ rifle.
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Who is America's oldest constant gun manufacturer?
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What was one of the main weaknesses of early flintlock guns?
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Who patented and manufactured the first revolvers?
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What happened when Samuel Colt's patent on the revolver expired in the mid-1850s?
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Who invented metallic cartridge ammunition?
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The Colt Single-Action Army handgun is also known as the ___________.
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Did the American military embrace innovations in firearms in the past?
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A large disadvantage of using traditional black powder was that it ________ when fired.
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Which of these were benefits of smokeless powder?
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Which European country led in early firearms development?
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Which war was the last where only muzzle-loaded guns were used?
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