Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the History of Submarines?
How Much Do You Know About the History of Submarines?
By: John Miller
Image: wikimedia

About This Quiz

From their earliest days, human beings looked to the skies in envy of birds, wishing for the freedom of flight. And for about just as long, people have wanted to glide beneath the ocean waves. For many centuries, inventive types have attempted all sorts of crazy schemes to submerse people safely (or not so safely) in the seas. What do you know about the history of submarines?

Our earliest history of submarines emerged so long ago that records of those attempts are, at best, rather scarce. So we have legends in place of facts, detailing the bravery of men who plunged beneath the surface of lakes and rivers in hopes of spying on their enemies or perhaps scavenging various types of valuables from the ocean floor. Do you know anything about the rudimentary craft that predated early submarines?

The first types of subs were so primitive that by today’s standards they’re actually kind of amusing. They were simple diving bells that allowed men to descend with just a bit of air to keep them alive, along with a tiny window so that they could have some idea of what creatures and features existed down below. These contraptions were, shall we say, rather unsafe. Do you know anything about the dangers and physical ills these early explorers faced?

Early subs relied on the most basic type of power — human effort. Men rowed and cranked their way around the depths in exhausting fashion. Later innovations relied on fossil fuels, electricity and battery power. What do recall about the technologies that increased sub range and safety?

Dive beneath the waves with us in this quiz about the history of submarines! Maybe you’ll be the next Jacques Cousteau, or perhaps you’ll meet your watery end in the darkness below.

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