Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the History of the Cavalry?
How Much Do You Know About the History of the Cavalry?
By: John Miller
Image: US Army

About This Quiz

Since their earliest days, humans have resorted to physical violence to resolve their differences. Whether with stones, slingshots, arrows or grenades, they’ve always found a way to shed the blood of their opponents. But few innovations in warfare were quite so profound as the cavalry. With horses, men were suddenly imbued with new speed and power that altered the course of combat. In this quiz, what do you really know about the history of the cavalry?

Infantry — foot soldiers — are still perhaps the most fundamental aspect of wars. Without ground troops, armies can’t really control a battlefield. But when the first savvy riders first realized that horses could turn the tide of a battle, everything changed. Do you know which armies and leaders first realized the potential of the cavalry?

In movies, the cavalry is always good for a great scene or three. Who can forget the charge of the riders of Rohan in the Battle of Pelennor Field in "The Return of the King?"

Horses helped warlords seize and maintain their grip on lands all over the world. Then, slowly but surely, the age of the horse began to fade.

Quit your horsing around get to it. Saddle up for this cavalry quiz now!

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The "cavalry" generally refers to soldiers using which items of war?
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What was one of the biggest advantages of early cavalry?
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Where did the first cavalry units emerge?
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Which innovation helped to popularize the concept of cavalry all over the world?
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Which famous military leader from history made incredible use of cavalry?
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Heavy cavalry was often used as a "shock tactic." What’s that?
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What’s another big advantage of cavalry in battle?
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What was the name for a very common cavalry tactic?
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What change in warfare caused the a slow decline in the use of cavalry?
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Cavalry gave rise to which aspect of European society?
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Which weapon did knights often use in battle?
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With the advent of firearms, how did armies deploy cavalry?
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After guns became common, many generals used cavalry to chase retreating infantry. Why?
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In what war did America first put the cavalry to good use?
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About how many cavalry soldiers were deployed during the First World War?
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What was one of the most important roles of cavalry units in the Civil War?
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Which army made notable use of cavalry in World War II?
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“Sowars" were mounted warriors from which area?
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True or false, if you refer to the cavalry in today’s American military, are you discussing horse-mounted warriors?
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How did European lords use knights to their advantage in medieval times?
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What weapon did Mongol cavalrymen use to great effect?
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What was one primary drawback to horses used in medieval warfare?
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Which army led the last, biggest cavalry charge in modern history (1807)?
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What was the result of the huge French cavalry charge at the Battle of Eylau?
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Modern militaries still use cavalry in limited situations. What’s one example?
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