Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the History of the U.S. Navy?
How Much Do You Know About the History of the U.S. Navy?
By: Annette
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Established on October 13, 1775, the United States Navy is a formidable force, with 323,00 active personnel; this makes it the world’s largest in manpower. This branch of the United States armed forces is in charge of naval warfare. 

The ‘Old Navy’ of the past can claim responsibility for the innovation of ironclads during the American Civil War while the ‘New Navy’ claimed to be the largest naval fleet in the world by 1920.

Modernization of weaponry and equipment has aided the US Navy in becoming a significant player in several wars, including World War II, after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941. The Navy first issued regulation uniforms in 1802 with their prevalent colors being white and navy blue. Currently, the US Navy operates 460 ships, 50,000 non-combat vehicles, over 3650 aircraft, and it owns 75,200 buildings.

The weaponry system of choice for the U.S Navy is centered entirely around missiles. Missiles are utilized because of their ability to strike from long distances with precision. The Navy has produced many greats, including astronauts and athletes, along with many U.S presidents having served, the first being John F. Kennedy.

But we've really only just scratched the surface when it comes to the Navy. Do you know who came up with the idea? Do you know all about their customs and traditions? Find out in this quiz!

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The history of the U.S. Navy is divided into how many major periods?
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The Old Navy notably used ironclads in which war?
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The New Navy was the result of ______.
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What was the year of the official establishment of the Navy?
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When was the Continental Navy disbanded?
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George Washington reinstated the Navy due to what?
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American naval ships fought in which war?
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When was the Naval Academy founded?
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True or False: The Confederates had their own Navy.
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After the Civil War, the Navy was _____.
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Towards the end of the 19th century, the Navy commissioned the building of what?
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By the end of _____, the U.S. Navy had more men and women in uniform than the British Royal Navy.
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The '20s and '30s were marked by an increase in _______.
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The Navy was drawn into WWII after the Japanese attacked ______.
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Where was the Japanese Instrument of Surrender signed?
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True or False: The Navy was involved in the Cold War.
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The U.S. became the world's undisputed naval superpower after the collapse of which power?
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Nuclear power and ballistic missile technology were used in ______ .
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Which president instituted a program for a modern 600-ship Navy?
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Today, the U.S. Navy is ______.
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What was the naval fleet size in 2007?
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True or False: During the Revolution, states had their own navies.
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Where will you find the engraving, “Non sibi sed patriae”?
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What was the first armed sea vessel of the American Revolution?
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Where does the Navy claim that is was founded?
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How long is an attack submarine?
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How long is a ballistic missile submarine?
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When a ship is named after someone, who christens it?
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What is a nickname for the Navy SEAL trident?
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When was TOPGUN founded?
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Which famous astronaut was in the Navy?
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Which famous actor served in the Navy?
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