Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Life of Jesus?
How Much Do You Know About the Life of Jesus?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

Jesus was born of a virgin, so his life started out far from ordinary and continued in this same vein. Rather than growing to be proud because of his heavenly origin, Jesus Christ, who is the professed son of God, lived a fairly brief earthly life filled with humility. 

He was a friend to all, but his preferred crowd appeared to be those who were marked as social pariahs like tax collectors and even a prostitute. He took pity on the poor, healed the sick, and restored persons with disabilities. His miracles ranged from feeding a multitude with one little boy's lunch to walking on water.

Throughout his life, Jesus' main priority was doing the work of God, his father and teaching people of the freedom that could be found in this altruistic lifestyle. From a very tender age, he sat with elders dissecting the sacred scriptures, which had all pointed to his coming. 

Despite many prophecies of the Messiah that were known to the Jews, most of them still denied him. Long after his cruel, undeserved betrayal and death, his ministry continued with his apostles such as Paul and John who famously wrote many of the books present in the New Testament.

We've really just brushed the surface when it comes to Jesus' life. Do you know the details? Do you know who betrayed him? Do you know his parents' names? Find out just how much you paid attention during Sunday's church service in this quiz!

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Who told Joseph what to name the baby that Mary was carrying?
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What does Jesus mean in Hebrew?
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In Jesus' recorded prayers, he addressed God as ______.
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How many brothers did Jesus have?
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How many sisters did Jesus have?
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John the Baptist was ______ than Jesus.
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What was the first miracle that Jesus Christ performed?
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Whose last words in the Bible were “Do whatever Jesus tells you”?
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Jesus was frequently addressed as _______.
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Jesus was _______ during the crucifixion.
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How long was Jesus on the cross?
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Scholars believe that Jesus was crucified on a ______.
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Where was Jesus crucified?
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The star of Bethlehem is believed to have been ______.
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The Gospels recorded ______ detailed miracles of Jesus.
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True or False: Jesus was born in 1 A.D.
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The wise men came to Jesus _______.
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How any times did Jesus appear to his disciples after his Resurrection?
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How old was Jesus when He began His ministry?
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Who began their public ministry first?
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How long did Jesus' earthly ministry last?
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The first recorded words of Jesus are in ______.
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How many languages did Jesus speak?
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Jesus' stepfather was a _______.
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How many days did Jesus fast in the desert?
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What was Jesus' skin color?
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How many times did God the Father speak audibly to Jesus while he was on Earth?
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When did Jesus say, “I am with you always, to the very end of the age”?
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How many of Jesus' miracles were healing miracles?
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How many times did Jesus use fish to perform a miracle?
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What did Jesus sweat from his skin before his crucifixion?
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True or False: Crucifixions were common during Jesus' time.
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True or False: Jesus was born on December 25th.
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What was Jesus' last name?
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