Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Life of King Solomon?
How Much Do You Know About the Life of King Solomon?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Christian Schussele

About This Quiz

Solomon is one of the most significant figures in the Old Testament. The son of King David, he ruled over the kingdom of Israel for many decades and was blessed by the Lord with great wisdom. He was very powerful, largely thanks to intelligent trade policy which included an alliance with Hiram I, king of Phoenicia.  He forged an alliance with Egypt too, which was cemented by marriage and enabled his kingdom to benefit from both ends of the Fertile Crescent - that is, the cradle of civilization formed by the three great Middle Eastern and North African rivers of the Tigris, Nile and Euphrates. Israel was bang on the arch of the crescent and a wise king could make a great deal out of this. All sorts of goods went through the kingdom of Israel during Solomon's reign, from corn to precious stones to textiles to all manner of things.

Some Biblical figures are somewhat mythical, but Solomon is definitely a real person, as solid records of his reign exist. It's quite likely there has been some embellishment and some conflation of different tales as these are events from 3,000 years ago. but broadly speaking it is possible to be pretty well-informed about the hard facts of his reign as well as the more flowery accounts. Let's see how you do!

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